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Introduction to ABC

Anhui Business College, through mergence of century-old Anhui Business School and Anhui Business Professional College, was founded on 2000 with the approval of Anhui Provincial Government and Ministry of Education. Subject to the direction of Anhui Provincial Department of Education, it is now a state-run full-time three-year vocational college of Higher Education. Since its establishment, Anhui Business College has been improving the level of schooling and cultivating quality for students by seizing the development opportunities for Higher Vocational Education and sparing no efforts in management, reform and innovation. On 2005, it won 'Excellence' in Cultivating Quality Assessment of Anhui Higher Vocational Education. Three years later on 2008, it became one of the building units of 'Model Higher Vocational Colleges of Anhui Province' program with official approval and support from Anhui Provincial Department of Education and Department of Finance. The year of 2010 witnessed Anhui Business College developing into one of the building units of 'National Flagship Higher Vocational Colleges' program with official approval and support from Ministry of Education and Ministry of Finance. After 4-year development, Anhui Business College succeeded in passing the Assessment for the Program Building Units with Excellence-level performance.

The college is located in Wuhu --- a historic city where Yangzi River flows through. On its 506 mu campus area, a total of 227,000 m2 school building and 738,400 library books provide a sound teaching infrastructure and basis for education, topping other colleges within Anhui province. Over 10,000 full-time students are studying on campus with helps from a college staff of more than 600, among which professors and associate-professors amounts to more than 120. There are over 430 staff members who acquired various professional certificate, license or qualification such as CPA (Certified Public Accountant), Accountant, Economist, Statistician, Lawyer, Science Engineer, etc. The number of “double-qualified” teacher accounts for more than 90% of the total and over 300 teachers have corporate working experience.

The college features a number of high-level outstanding teachers who won official recognition from Anhui Provincial Department of Education (APDE), including 5 teaching teams, 6 teaching masters, 6 (including state-level) prominent teachers, 13 leaders of college disciplines and 7 burgeoning distinguished teachers. In recent years, over 80 educational or scientific research projects have been approved by APDE or Ministry of Education, which is highlighted by 3 ministry-level projects and 10 key provincial-level projects. Twenty-six provincial awards for educational achievement have been granted to college, among which there are 8 first prize awards and 12 second prize awards. Over 1100 essays have been published in academic publications of provincial-level and over 600 books including textbooks have been published, in which there is 1 National-level Elaborate Textbook, 9 National-level Textbooks of 'the 11th Five-year Plan', 12 National-level Textbooks of 'the 12th Five-year Plan', 18 Provincial-level Textbooks of ' Anhui's 11th Five-year Plan' and 21 textbooks of 'Anhui's 12th Five-year Plan'. The official Anhui Business College Journal (Social Science Version) has been titled “National Outstanding Social Science Journal”.

The college has 9 departments, namely Accounting Department, Department of Economy and Trade, Department of Finance, Department of Business Management, Department of Electronics and Information Engineering, Department of Arts and Designs, Department of Humanities and Foreign Languages, Department of Ideological Theory Education and Department of Physical Education. Under these 9 departments are 33 different majors, in which the major of Marketing is a National-level Pilot Major for Education Reform. Logistics Management, Marketing, Computer Information Management and Animation Design are 4 key developing majors of 'National Flagship Higher Vocational Colleges' program. Two majors, Electronic Data Processing Accounting (EDP) and Chain Business Management, benefit from Special Financial Support Program of Central Government for 'Promoting Disciplines' Development to Serve Industrial Advancement'. Five majors, Accounting, E-commerce, Marketing, Visual Effect Design and Market Planning & Scheming, belong to Provincial-level Pilot Major for Education Reform. The major of Computer Information Management and the major of Tourism Management are provincial-level Elite Majors. Assets Evaluation and Management, Computer Network, International Economy and Trade, Logistics Management, Chain Business Management, Animation Design, EDP, Business English, Company Financial Management and Financial Management & Practice are provincial-level featured majors. There are 12 provincial-level elaborate courses, such as 'Marketing', 'Basic Accounting', 'Eloquence & Practice', 'Financial Management', 'VFP', 'Applied Mathematics and Economy', 'Basic Accounting Practice', 'Application and Practice of ERP', 'Cost Accounting', etc. Two courses, 'Basic Economics' and 'Primary Financial Accounting' are provincial-level Open Courses with Elite Video-Lecturing. Three courses, 'EDP', 'Chain Business Purchasing and Delivery' and 'E-commerce Practice', are provincial-level Open Courses with Elite Education Resources.

The college pioneers in forging a creative education model of 'work-integrated learning', emphasizing cultivating high-quality highly-skilled talents for modern Circulation Industry and Service Industry. Through College-Enterprise Cooperation Committee, the college has allied with Committee members and famous enterprises to work together in schooling, cultivation and employment issues and seek common development. A closely-connected College-Enterprise Cooperation mechanism revealed itself as a result of double-cultivating, double-managing and responsibility & achievement sharing. Examples of such fine cooperation include the founding of 'College of Royalstar-Pinguan', 'Sunshine Class of Royalstar', 'Lindong Software Base for Training and International Service Outsourcing', 'Now CG Center', etc. And this mechanism has paved a road of direction and inspiration for College-Enterprise Cooperation Education.

A total of 96 training bases have been built on campus, among which the Logistics Management Training Base, as one of the 'National Higher Vocational College Training Bases', is favored by key financial support from Central Government. Computer Skills Training Center, Modern Logistics Management Training Center, Accounting Training Center and ABC-Xiaozhuang College Training Base are 4 provincial-level “Model Training Centers”. Multi-media Contents Design and Production (Animation-oriented) Major is a provincial-level “Innovative Experiment Zone of Education Model of College-Enterprise Cooperation”. Outside campus, over 160 training bases have been set up such as Okura Garden Hotel Shanghai, Anhui Commercial Capital Group, Wal-Mart, Hefei Royalstar Group, Pingtai Accounting Firm, etc. Those training bases not only provide opportunities for students to acquire working skills but also play important roles in college education, scientific research, professional qualification examination, technological development and college's responsibility for serving communities.

A scholarship and financial aids system has been well established in the college. The scholarship favors more than 40% of total students, allowing 1000 RMB per semester for each first-prize scholarship winner, 500 RMB for the second-prize and 200 RMB for the third-prize. Additionally, there are various financial aids programs for students, such as National Scholarship, National Inspirational Scholarship, National Student Aids, Bolin Scholarship and Aids, Lijian Scholarship and Aids, Hang Seng Scholarship, 'E-surfing' Scholarship, Temporary Students' Aids, State Loans for Students, Tuition Fee Remission and part-work and part-study system.

The college keeps serving the society and actively provides talents for local economic development. A national-level Occupational Skill Testing Center was founded on campus earlier than other colleges of Anhui Province. Now it has become the only appointed testing center for Wuhu Labor and Social Security Bureau to carry out 31 national-level or provincial-level occupational skill testing items, including qualification testing of E-commerce Engineer, Assistant Accountant, Logistics Manager, Computer Programmer, ERP Accredited Engineer, Chain Business Manager, Tax Strategist, HR Manager, Business Strategist, etc. The testing work is part of college's service function for the society. Besides, through various training bases, the college also provides social training service for corporate employees, migrant workers and rural-urban migration labors. According to statistics, the number of examinee for occupational skill testing per year exceeds 10,000, and the number of trainee for over 60 training courses per year exceeds 25,000. Therefore, the college has made proactive contribution to the development of local society and economy.

To promote the level of education internationalization, the college has established good cooperative and communicative relationships with many Higher Education Colleges in the U.S., the U.K., South Korea and Taiwan Province. The Cooperative Education Program with South Essex College of U.K. has achieved success in cooperative vocational education and '3+1' plan (3-year studying in China and 1-year in Essex university of U.K.). Meanwhile, the Student-Exchange Cooperation Program with Southern Taiwan University of Science and Technology and Chaoyang University of Technology has already helped students to acquire better competence and skills and created a good condition for students to broaden their international horizon.

As being proactive in developing quality education with focus on occupational quality nurturing, the college has won recognition from brother Higher Education colleges and compliment from various circles of society for its education model and mechanism. Students graduated are popular in job market and favored by employers. The graduate employment rate stays above 98%, which won the college the title ---' Advanced Group of Higher Education in Anhui Province for Employment Work' 3 times from 2004 to 2006. And from 2007 to 2012, the college consecutively won the title of 'Model Unit of Higher Education in Anhui Province for Employment Work'. Of all the awards received, the honorable title of 'National Advanced Group of Higher Education for Employment Work' has to be particularly mentioned as it was granted to only one vocational college in Anhui Province --- Anhui Business College. In 2012, college won the title of 'Model College of Higher Education in Anhui Province for Innovation and Creativity Education of College Students'

The once century-old school is brought with new vigor and vitality as the college adheres to the guideline of emancipating the mind and keeping pace with the times in the Anshang belief of 'Innovation and Integrity leads to college's surpassing development'. At present, the college joins many important educational organization and committee and plays important role in these institutions. For example, it is the deputy director (membership) of the Vocational Education Guiding Committee of Business Occupations under Ministry of Education, the vice-chairman (membership) of National Commercial Higher Vocational Education Society, the vice-chairman (membership) of Anhui Commerce & Economics Institute, the first presiding chairman (membership) of the Cooperative Education Coalition of Anhui Business Vocational Colleges and Business Corporations.

Since its turning into one of the 100 “National Flagship Higher Vocational Colleges”, the college has seized the opportunity of governmental support to adapt to the state’s call for accelerating transformation of the economic development mode and industrial optimization and upgrading, while bearing the school motto of “Social Commitment and  Business Pursuit; Diligence and Skill Sharpening” in mind. The college sticks to the philosophy of “taking service as the aim, taking employment as guidance, taking cooperation among industries-colleges-research as path, taking social assessment as standard, taking cultivation of high-quality skilled talents for modern service industry as goal” in running school.

By following the principle of “cultivating students foremost, developing with features, Business courses dominating, and serving the society”, the college is implementing a development strategy of “taking college reputation as foundation, talents as cornerstone, democracy as way of management, culture as incubator, and harmony as power in developing”. Striding proudly ahead, the college is dedicated to pushing forward an in-depth development, promoting the vitality and level of schooling and realizing the great goal of building a domestically-leading high quality national flagship vocational college with influential effectiveness, distinguished features and scientific development orientation.

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